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chip updates: more mechanical fixing (yay) [updates]

So as I mentioned in the previous post, we need to fix two of the 12 gearboxes on the robot. Not bad all in all. That's the Front Left Hinge and the Back Left Knee.


(1) Open up both gearboxes, turn the robot on, and test the motors, the NEOS and see if something is wrong with them.

(2) Turn robot back off check the gearboxes for stick, check the teeth of the gears make sure nothing has snapped off.

(3) Lubricate the gearboxes/

(4) Re-assemble robot.

This will take some time. I'm just going to do it, and post a summary later with some pictures.

some notes:

So I took apart the rear-left leg knee gearbox and twisted the Neo motor. It feels different than yesterday. Yesterday twisting it felt smooth, today its very choppy. I don't know what that means, maybe we burned it out. But the motor is turning just not well. I need to do a little more research and try it. Worst case, if it is burned out, what we will do is switch the knee motor and shoulder motor. We can have a sticky shoulder but not a sticky knee for now at least.

But really, what we want to do is repair both of these motors or at the very least figure out what's going on with them. We need to right Allen key to open these things up so we're going to go buy that from Home Depot once we find what it is:

1.5mm flat head hex key! - we got the set that's especially good for "circular holes" hehe.

So I tried out the circular Allen Keys. However, they didn't work :( - WHO KNOWS WHY?

For Now: we're going to switch motors 6 and 5, so the robot can keep working. So we can continue to develop code.

This last picture - is a magnetic parts tray. If you don't have one I'd get one because they're really fantastic!!! Allows us to hold all the super small metal parts in one place.

We also lubricated all gearboxes that were taken apart. I don't recommend this fix for robots other than CHIP because the motors on the hinge joints only need to travel a few rotations either way - that's why this works. I also think this happened to these two motors because these two specifically were ones that stalled or a very high load was placed on them for an extended period of time. That probably caused some internal damage. Once we figure out how to fix that damage, we will, for now they're okay.

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