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chip updates: my brother is great [updates]

So my brother knows FRC software much better than I do, and the main problem, of course, with using the RoboRIO for chip was the fact that we would need a driver station from FRC to use chip which is annoying because ROS provides a much better control framework especially for autonomy. So okay, we figured out how to do control from not the driver station through ROS and network tables. But there was one big problem left - right?

Enabling the robot when it isn't connected to FRC Driver Station. The robot would be enabled from the Jetson, or preferably, it would just enable itself when it turned on and run like a way-too-expensive Arduino.

So while I struggled through the code of LibDS to try to get a ROS node that enables the robot working, my brother found a much better solution. AND the RIO turns on and enables itself now.

MockDS, by Varun Mehrotra: https://github.com/vmehrotra50/MockDS

Basically, as he explained it to me, is he used a java thread on the RoboRIO to send the specific enable packet the RIO requires to enable the robot.

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