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chip updates: new power supply and some weird IP things [updates]

So I've been using the 27V power supply from ISDT to run chip to start looking at things like the standing and sitting trajectories and I had a short go at that tonight. But I have something more important to talk about. This 27V power supply is causing a really weird issue, or I don't know if its causing it, or it's some new thing with the wifi, or something but I think the IP address of the Jetson keeps randomly changing.

So to solve that problem (the power supply isn't the answer), we're going to go into the WiFi router and assign the Jetson TX1 a static IP that doesn't change because all this will be fine if the IP doesn't keep changing and then we can use whatever power supply we want.

Using a static IP should solveeee these problems? I don't know we're going to try it. I think it needs to be done through the router because the WiFi uses a DHCP server.

Let's assign it the IP: because that's already setup in all of the systems, including webviz.

My dad went and played around in the router settings itself since I'm connected to home WiFi. He's working on it.

He found where to set it static so I think that'll resolve that issue. So we should also be able to go back to the whole using the ISDT power supply.

Okay actually,:, we're making that static because that's what the router wants us to do.

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