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chip updates: plan for tomorrow [updates]

So, I really have one week left of solid "I can work on this all day time." And I'm truly trying to get this thing walking by the 29th evening (that's when my 2.12 midterm is being released oops). So now that chip can sit and stand. What I'm going to do tomorrow is place chip flat on the ground and make him stand up.

From that standing position: we will being experiments in weight shifting and stepping and over the course of the next few days develop the walking trajectory.

All of the controls we are about to do will be teleop with the joystick. We will use one joystick for controlling forward/backward and strafing right and left. We will use the other for turning.

However, I do not expect to get all of those commands on my own, I don't expect to do them in one day. And I expect any controls I come up with will be really primitive in that we'll literally be using that stupid counter to know when an action has finish we'll start tomorrow morning by watching this video and taking notes:

SIDE NOTE: Ronak's branch of remote_lab_test works now with his new trajectory scheduler. Once we push it to master we can go back to using remote_lab_test as a development branch.

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