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chip updates: poorly fixing the front-left leg [updates]

So yes, I did fix the front-left leg. It is not idea in any way, but it will work for testing for now.

So only one of the three screw holes on the gearbox is damaged which means the three screws and the tension from the plates surrounding the gearbox should be enough to keep it in place without wobbling and etc. Two screws on one side will stop it from rotating about any axis and three screw total should give it enough strength from a hand yank test. But we need to fix it.

(1) We need to replace the bottom mount of the gearbox itself where the standoff broke into the whole. Either extract that standoff or get a new piece of the gearbox.

(2) The screws attaching the simpson strong tie sides to the gearbox are getting stripped so we need to replace those.

(3) We need to replace one of the strong-ties as well because of how terribly bent it is.

We will fix all this. But the good news is for now, we can continue testing !

So the front left leg with a hand test has some very slight amount of play in it. Not enough to be of concern at the moment. We'll try standing/sitting again tomorrow to decide for sure if this platform is testable. If not we'll do the repairs above, and not test or do anything. If it is testable we will continue testing while fixing the problem.

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