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chip updates: problems we can solve with legged robots world-wide [updates]

So I was talking with my brother and we both stumbled upon a question to talk about,"what kinds of things can legged robots help with." Not in the developed world, but in developing nations where food and water are scarce, disease is an issue and people are poor. I then cam across this article and it's quite eye-opening: https://qz.com/1033799/women-still-carry-most-of-the-worlds-water/

This article describes how in most developing nations, people (specifically women) have to walk an average of 3.7 miles in not the greatest conditions just to get water for their families every day. That's 4.5 hours of walking where 77% worry about their safety. Not to mention they're hauling close to 110 pounds of water a day. This results in injuries and other medical concerns.

So what if we might not be able to solve this problem, solving it would be running fresh water supply to all of these developing villages, but what if we could lighten the burden for these people, and maybe even keep them safe.

Robots can be deployed in environments such as this, ones with long battery life and high payload capacity, ones that can cross rough terrain and help carry the water back home. At the very least, this takes the load off of the backs of the people carrying the water, for shorter distances, this is definitely a valid idea.

This is where a legged robot system or similar system could come in. What if a legged robot could be deployed in these regions to help carry water, food, obtain medical supplies, keep the community safe in some way. These are definitely possible applications for a legged robot in the developing world.

Such a platform would need to be robust to weather, heat, cold, environmental conditions, terrain, have a large enough battery to make long 4 mile trips, have some self-sustaining power source (solar power charging and etc). And be not expensive for people to afford and use. In fact, they could be deployed with humanitarian workers in the area so they can do real good.

Robots like this can also record and report data about a region, how much water individuals need, what's the terrain and weather like, what are the conditions of the places where people are staying to help researchers and humanitarian workers target their efforts.

It's just an idea, but it could be work looking into as soon as Chip starts walking. What if we built robots that could do good?

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