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chip updates: push-up stand? [updates]

So I just got a bit of an interesting idea. What if we had chip do more like a push up kind of stand you know? Like this:

What if we were to make chip stand up in this kind of formation, we start with the upper motors moved outwards a bit and then we move them inwards as the robot stands up. This has some resemblance to how a human does a push-up. Of course, it isn't the most accurate, but a human usually doesn't do a push up like chip currently stands which is to keep the joints in the same plane and just to really "open" the legs in the y-direction.

So what does this do theoretically? While the robot is standing, what this does is provide is some inwards level of stability through the inwards push this idea creates during the standup. Basically the support the legs provide in this trajectory to the body isn't just in the vertical direction, but it's also in the inwards/towards the body direction. So as one leg pushes into the body from the right, the other leg pushes in from the left, and the legs pushing into the body in opposite directions provides this form of constraint in the "z" direction of the platform so it doesn't wobble back and forth.

So we're going to program that in and see if that helps the stand/sit in any capacity. Here's a video:

And on the floor:

This is with a starting Z-Pos of 0.05 and ending at 0.0! It feels/looks more stable. I'm not sure if it's actually more stable. But it does seem that way. And it makes logical sense that it's more stable. Especially on the sit down is when it appears more stable as the craft lowers the legs push outwards giving it a widening platform as its descending.

Full Disclosure - chip stands and sits the same way I do a push up because it "feels" stable to me. So maybe it'll "feel" a little more stable to the robot.

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