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chip updates: RealSense first images [updates]

So first I'd like to say, we reached out to the Cruise people to see why WebViz isn't working and we got responses quickly. We're going to keep working with them to fix that problem. But today I want to talk more about the RealSense's first images!

So we connected up the robot to the TV and connected my mouse and keyboard (bluetooth), and we launched the same CHIP_ROS launch file we launched this morning and then went into RVIZ (remember to change the frame to camera something not map). And voila we got images!

So I want to show you the image we got when we ran the intel RealSense viewer because those came out nicer (in that they're easier to see on a big screen).

But ayyyyy the camera works!!! Woot. We're going to start using this in the coming weeks as we start to make this robot more intelligent and start to make it work you know...

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