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chip updates: reflashing the Jetson [updates]

Okay so over the course of development here, the Jetson has gotten really, what's the word, junked with files? To the point we're really sitting here with 15Gb/15Gb used, we don't have CUDA and we don't even have OpenCV. Now before we get those things, what we want to do is reflash the Jetson with jetpack 4.3. And start over. While we're at it we will log everything that we install so we know for future how to setup a CHIP robot. Hehe. Things we need to remember to do:

(1) install the joystick software

(2) change the static ip

(3) VS Code SSH and everything, maybe ssh as a unit

Let's get started. We're going to do a complete and fresh install of the Jetson jetpack with the Nvidia sdkmanager and everything on a new development computer.

In the meantime, let's list what we need to install after this works.

ROS Stuff:

(1) ROS Melodic Desktop Full

(2) ROS Joy

(3) MAVROS --> we need to edit the apm.launch file to use the right port

Python Stuff:

(1) Python 2.7

(2) Pip for Python 2. 7

(3) Python simple-PID

(4) Numpy for Python

(5) Python math/enum/IntEnum

(6) Python Network Tables Version 2018.2.0

Hardware Setup Stuff:


(1) Set the wired connection 1 to STATIC IP




DNS Servers:,


(2) "/dev/ttyTHS2:921600"port in apm.launch for MAVROS

(3) Follow the video to install the things for the Joystick and get that connected

That's ALL we are going to install. Nothing more or less. Because that's exactly what we need at the moment. Then we will test all ROS nodes individually and see if it all works as expected like yesterday.

To do this easily, we wrote a bash script that we can scp over to the Jetson and just run, we'll also upload it to GitHub.

It just goes through and installs all the dependencies we talked about above, it doesn't do the setup for the joystick or the IP address or the APM, it just installs things but it's the best we can do right now. We also need to sit and hit "Y" and enter along the way. But that's okay. At least we have everything.

Okay so here's the FINAL UPDATE from yesterday. At 12:00 AM I finally got the Jetson to flash with the latest version of Ubuntu 18.04 and Jetpack 4.3! I did the from a host computer running 16.04 Ubuntu and Nvidia SDK Manager and it was possible because when SDKM asked me if I wanted to instal CUDA/etc, I just said no. So now Chip's Jetson TX1 has a brand-new squeaky clean OS with nothing interfering with it. And we can start a clean ChipOS install from scratch. Updates to come.


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