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chip updates: releases coming up/plan [updates]

Okay so here's the new plan. Over the next week or so, we're going to get ready for the release of the software for beta version v0.0.1 for both CHIP_ROS and for edu.mit.chip

This package will include the following capabilities:

(1) sit/stand mode differentiation through joystick input

(2) joystick input for creep walking in the forwards, backwards, left, right, and turning directions

That's it, really basic, that's all we want. That's beta release v0.0.1 because if we can get that working we want to save the software at that point so we can make a new ROS package so we can break everything again. In the next version we need some things to change.

(1) We want direct control over individual thetas from the Jetson. We can read all the thetas from the Jetson but we can't set them at the moment.

(2) We want to be able to control the speed of the leg from the Jetson.

All of this will help us start to make the platform more dynamic since we have greater control over the individual actuators. After this happens we can start moving to balancing/etc. We're also going to need to write some sort of trajectory/coordinate handler that basically allows the platform to follow a trajectory of points given to it but it gets overridden the moment the user lets go of the stick, we change mode, or the IMU gets upset or something.

This is going to get very complicated very quickly so we'll need to get this thing creep walking before we can even get there. So that's the next step. No idea if we are using the IMU yet or if CoG is enough.

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