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chip updates: robotic science in 60 seconds? Learning from NASA [updates]

So recently I saw this, a great new video series by NASA called "rocket science in 60 seconds": https://www.nasa.gov/exploration/systems/sls/multimedia/rocket_science_in_60_seconds

There's a few things I really love about these videos. First, they're SHORT. Honestly even if you have the shortest attention span in the world you could get through these videos. They're up-beat, there's a new person every time. And in 60 seconds, they're so informative. They don't go into too much detail but they touch the concept which allows you to understand what is happening without going to 4 years of college first. They're really great!

I also like how they're structured around questions. Like they pose a question on the screen that I probably would have, and someone answers it.

Honestly, what if we did this for CHIP? And explained robotics in 60 seconds? But each video centered around a question like "how does chip not fall over?" "how many computers does chip have?" And if these were good enough, we could post them along side the documentation so not just developers could find CHIP's content useful!

another interesting: CHIP applications

I find another thing very interesting from watching all these NASA videos. I was wondering. What if robot dogs could be useful in space? What if they were deployed not necessarily to search for life or anything, but alongside astronauts to help them explore other planets. We can't take real dogs to space but what about a robotic dog that could go to space, keep astronauts company, help carry things, help dig things up, help with construction, small tasks, etc. And they could be solar powered.

Frankly they could be useful in farming and agriculture, leisure and exercise, data collection, search and rescue if it comes to that and applications we mentioned before but just in space!

That would be real cool and frankly we can start looking into that. We could call the base platform "CHIP" and the space version "MarsPUP." Mars Personal Unmanned Platform-companion.

MarsPUP, I like that a lot.

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