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chip updates: since we stood outside can we stand indoors [updates]

The title is self-explanatory enough, but to re-iterate, since we took the grippy feet off of chip that's why we're concerned that it might fall over when we try to do this inside. So let's try it anyways.

WAOW he kind like STANDS on his O W N. On the H A R D W O O D. (sorry) But that's good news meaning this program outside and assume it has enough grip and then move it inside and (if needed) give it grippy socks works!!!

It's raining today so idk how much progress we will make before sending ourselves inside but I think that's OK we're making progress. We do see the feet sliding around a little in the back :(

Yea so there's some skidding, nothing a nice sock can't fix. Yes, chip will have indoor socks that slide on and off. We can probably make those this weekend.

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