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chip updates: some testing in the middle of the night [updates]

It's 10:14 PM, I don't wanna go to bed and I can't sleep anyways. The platform must've cooled down by now so let's try making it waddle around the basement.

This was out-of-the-box what we did this afternoon for the front legs. Now we only changed one thing, that the leg moves to the final x-z in the air before putting the foot down in the y-direction.

Now we're adding a few items, and let's test the back legs. The good news is the code for the back legs is the SAME as the code for the front as long as we switch the opposite legs.

Okay so now let's try this. And we're going to film it. And hopefully the platform doesn't fall on its face or something as that would be extremely annoying. Or its back, let's just hope it doesn't fall in general!

Okay so that needs some work, let's reduce the distance of the forward weight shift...

Well that needs some work as well... see the back is very hard because of the asymmetrical design of the dog. But also, we're going to try shifting the weight by 0.07 but at the same time increasing the height of the front legs. We're going to play with a few parameters and see what we come up with.

Aha! The only thing that's happening is for the back legs, since there is a significant weight transfer, we might need to do it in steps so the whole platform doesn't fall over transferring weight from front to back. We're just going to divide every weight transfer into 10 steps which may not be efficient but it will work for now. This'll make movements less JERKEY too.

It's also 11 PM which means it's been about the time where the jetson starts to overheat and shut itself off. So what we're going to do is pack up and do the rest of the testing tomorrow. But so far - success!! We just need to get the final tests in and then we can start trying like a sequence of steps. This algorithm should allow us to move any leg to any location at any point in time with any leg configuration. We're going to start working on testing that theory from tomorrow.

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