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chip updates: spot has an expansion port and so do we! [updates]

So spot has this interesting feature called Spot GXP which is an expansion port that allows you to add custom devices onto the back of spot for payload.

We want to do something similar with chip and the easiest way to do this is via the Jetson TX1's PCI port.

In chip, that PCI port on the Jetson is towards the back (as mounted) and if we stuck a card like the StarTech.com card into the Jetson it would stick up and allow us to plug things into the Jetson's USB slots. We probably won't buy this now or anything but it's a good thing to keep in ming if we ever want to do it.

There's also this much cheaper version of a PCIe card, I don't know how well it will work and I'd need to compare it with the same thing from StarTech.com because I know startech's stuff is good but I haven't heard of this company. This is also a lot smaller and self-powered which I like.

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