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chip updates: step with me, again [updates]

So we think the biggest problem last time with the stepping is that instead of just transferring the weight front and back, we need to lead side-to-side to really get the CoG within the three points of contact. So we added this function lean();

All we've done is add something that allows us to transfer the weight onto the left legs when we step right, and transfer weight onto the right legs when we step left, and allows us to center ourselves. We're going to try this on the bench first. --> And it worked as expected on the bench with some finesse here and there. (dumb code mistakes).

So let's try it on the robot!

As we can see, the front legs stepped, the back legs are having a hard time, the weight transfer is still very wrong. We're going to try leaning more when it comes to the back legs. (side to side leaning).

We knew our model was never going to be perfect, so we're going to spend the next little bit tuning so we can step the back legs. We're also going to lift the legs higher.

OKAY - NOW we've gotten THREE legs off the ground. NOT four, and that's probably because we moved the third leg and now the CoG is not inside.

So here's the good news. The legs are capable of leaving the ground. Which means when we have an IMU/etc, we will be in a good spot as far as being able to teach this thing to walk.

That's where we are going to stop for RIO walking - what the issue is is that the SLOP in the system is becoming an issue. Because the slop is really bad, the robot is jerking in all weird directions. An IMU will solve this because we're going to command the position of the BODY not the position of each individual legs and assume the body position is correct. We'll get feedback with an IMU.

We're going to mount that now while someone is figuring out network tables.

Some other updates (in roles):

Me - I'm doing the mechanics and controls

Ronak - is doing most of the software and git and a lot of controls as well

My Brother - is doing stuff with networking and communications

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