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chip updates: step with me (for reals) [updates]

So in the last post, we created a trajectory that will allow chip to take one step. Calling this over and over will allow us to take multiple steps FORWARD. This is not how we will actually structure walking, but in an effort to get the robot to do some moving. We're going to do two things. First, we are going to edit the standing trajectory to get us to the standing position we need to begin the walking, and then we will implement a step() function that makes the whole robot take one step.

Now we're going to start by testing this... let's try to get it taking its first steps today. We wrote a method that follows the slides from before that steps each of the robot's four legs once. Let's just try it and film it and observe.

So as we can see in the video, the weight transfer from front to back is apparent and the legs are moving in the correct order. Now all we are going to do, is attach the step sequence to a button, make the robot stand up, and have it try it, at a really slow speed. REMEMBER, NOTHING ABOUT THIS IS DYNAMIC, IT'S A SIMPLE DEVELOPED SEQUENCE.

I think it's obvious that didn't work. In fact it's so funny it isn't even disappointing.


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