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chip updates: step with me? [updates]

Okay so, right now what I want to do is generate the following trajectories, and I think Ronak and Hannah will be joining me over video chat!


(1) Proper standing trajectory, not just guessing

(2) Proper weight shifting trajectories, from a standing position taking the weight off each of the legs

(3) Proper step trajectory and a re-shift in weight

cleaning up code:

So before we do any of that, Ronak is cleaning up my code. Because it's terrible.

So I think today is going to be code cleanup day... nothing else! Just trying to make the code nicer/more readable/professional. Then we will get to the tasks outlined above (probably tomorrow).

Soooo after an hour of trying to debug the problem. We have realized that Ronak has made all the universal direction correcting multipliers to be either 1 or 0 instead of 1 or -1. So that explains a lot.

So let's see how much that fixed.

Anyways right now we're "de-&%*$(#" the code.

Okay the other problem was that we were asking if the triangle was valid or not, we reversed it... let's try it.

So now... we've cleaned up the code style overall and we're ready to start working on things like moving through trajectories and generating trajectories. We've committed changes and made a new branch with these so if we $%^@ the code we can de-@#$% it.

OKAY SO: Ronak is cleaning up code creating actions and such. I am on the previous branch and all I'm trying to do is figure out if we can shift the robot's weight off a foot and step and how to do so.

adding some functionality with a joystick:

So the first thing we (my brother) did was add the ability to add a point in the trajectory using smart dashboard and a joystick. Then as the robot was getting up some of the standoffs failed and they broke off into the gearbox so we are ordering a replacement gearbox part and we are ordering more standoffs. Sad.

So we will fix that when those get here. In the meantime we'll do tests on the jack itself. The back left leg is once again out of commission until I fix him.

Now what we can do, to clarify, is type in an xyz command to smart dashboard and hit one of the four buttons to add that point to the leg's trajectory.

A-Front Left

B-Rear Left

X-Front Right

Y-Rear Right

in the meantime:

Ronak has ported all my Arduino-style code to WPILIB 2 robot code with things like scheduler/etc. So now we can push to master LOL.

There's some things to fix - the scheduler for WPILIB is wack and the old code worked better LOL oops. So Ronak is fixing and I'm going to eat dinner.


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