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chip updates: testing standing/sitting and moving a leg around [updates]

Yess so today we're going to pull chip out of the garage and make sure the mechanical fixes we did yesterday are actually "fixes." The first thing to test of course is standing/sitting before we get to things like editing the CMA code to get that to work. We still need to decide if we want to do that as one command or two commands in a trajectory but we'll only learn that through testing. First we need to see if our gearboxes work (specifically the back left leg's knee joint).

So here's the good news, even if it didn't stand properly, it does stand. Which means mechanically everything is OK.

So here's the good news! It stands right when we decide to use its correct zeroing procedure, I don't think all the motors were calibrated correctly. LET's TAKE A VIDEO OF THIS PROCEDURE SO WE HAVE IT FOR REFERENCE.

Let's shut the robot down... and then let's start zeroing!

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