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chip updates: the chip shimmy [updates]

Now, before we actually get chip to walk around we need to do a few things. First, we want to install the battery in the front of the robot. The robot is really back-heavy right now and the extra ballast at the front of the robot (even if not for power) will help it stabilize. Then we are going to make the node that displayed on the screen where the robot thinks its CoG is and where the feet are at any moment so we can better program in a path that knows when the robot should pick up what foot off the ground. Then we will get the creep walking.

If we place the 1.244 Kg battery system in the front of the robot, the CoG shifts significantly forward which will make it much easier to pick the back legs up off the ground. In fact, we can use the battery to tune exactly where we want the CoG when we really get the ROS visualizer up and running. For now, it's just kind of shoved in there. The ideal location looks like its about 0.17, meters from the front of the craft (estimated). We have inserted some foam in the gap so that the battery does not fall out. It does appear to stand/sit a lot smoother than it did before. We also think it might be good to make the puppy stand like 5cm taller, the CoG will be slightly more center and it will require less actuator torque. So we're actually raising the stand height by about 5cm.

That's all we had time for today, hopefully we get the shimmy thing working by this weekend.

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