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chip updates: today's software goals [updates]

So today around 4PM EST, Ronak and I are going to go through a lot of things/next steps for this robot. Here's the overall plan for what we want to get done today/what I think we can get done today/tomorrow. These are the first steps in the software of the robot.

Here's what I think we CAN get done today.

(1) We can get the IMU up and running and get that publishing IMU data.

(2) We can get the Communicator Node up and running and get that working so network tables can send and receive the information outlined in the diagram above.

(3) We can start working on RobotModel node which continuously publishes the robot's current state, and when it publishes a new state it deletes the previous.

Really, today is about setting up the communication protocols between everything. And about getting the robot to understand itself. Once it can understand itself, then we can start working on the controls and things like that.

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