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chip updates: tomorrow's plan [updates]

So tomorrow I don't have class and I've finished my lab for 2.12, so what I'll do is spend most of the day fixing the software (after I motivate myself to do so). I really want to get chip in a "done" state by the time I leave for MIT next. So here's the plan.

Before we flash the NI RoboRIO with the new code written two days ago, we're going to write the following ROS nodes:

(1) The rio_data_read (new) node.

(2) The rio_data_write (new) node.

(3) The kinematics node (inverse, forwards, theta conversion, etc).

We likely will not need a CoG node for this system because we want to move to better for of stabilization and control now that we will have the ability to move the legs in a much better fashion. And since the stabilizer will be completely separate from the rest of the system, we can do things like trajectories and etc.

But here's what we need in basics tomorrow: (1) communications (data read and write nodes), (2) inverse/forward kinematics nodes, (3) master (primitive) so we can send come commands.

***Also we need to look at power limiting***

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