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chip updates: transferring weight off the leg [updates]

Now we need to figure out how to transfer the weight OFF of a leg. We're going to make the whole robot lean to one side. We'll take the optimal standing trajectory and remove one leg and make the right side lean 5cm lower than the left.

So we can't just transfer the weight to one side, we need to lean in the diagonally opposite direction of the leg the weight is being taken off.

For example, if we're lifting the front left leg, let's try ONLY making the rear right one 5cm shorter than the rest.

Okay clearly not idea, however, the idea is there, it's "standing" on three legs. He's a really heavy robot for some reason and the weight distribution of the back holding more weight than the front doesn't really help. The back legs may need higher KPS or different angles than the front.

The other thing is the feet on a smooth surface are sliding significantly, the feet on the mat are not. It is possible the robot will need much gripper feet (this was our first foot design frankly it clearly needs work) and that will help with not just the steps but standing and sitting too. I want to see if we can get it to stand faster and if it will be upset by this. Let's get up at twice the speed! This might be rough.

Unstable, a foot fell off, but he stood. So I think the first thing we need to fix before anything else is the feet, since the feet are slipping on the floor, any programming we do will not be worth anything since the feet slipping is causing a lot of our issues in inability to stand lean and so on. Instead of holding a standing position the guy just slips and falls over. So let's first fix the feet and then we can get to other things.

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