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chip updates: trying to get a good image from the camera [updates]

Now let's take a look at the images we've gotten so far from the camera. They haven't been the greatest right? The picture is very good quality but the video is very grainy and I have a theory as to why and I want to test that.

I think the grainy-ness of the video has to do with the fact that since there isn't enough light in the basement we've been shooting at like ISO 5000 which is a very high ISO. So what I want to do - is let's go outside and try to film something at a much lower ISO <640 like was recommended to me. If that solves the problem then we know we need to fix the LIGHTING and not anything else. Let's try to get all the lighting and stuff figured out today so when we get the dance moves down we can film no problem.

Then I tried this video upstairs at a low ISO - like 640 and still I found the thing to be quite grainy which was upsetting.

So there's some solutions to this maybe, and maybe we can try: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209064 reducing the grain in post-processing. Maybe we'll try something like this. And let's also increase the camera's sharpness setting to like 7 and see what happens.

So the good news is we can fix that in post - the other news I heard is if we shoot in multiple of 160 for ISO we get better footage, and if we open the aperture to let more light in we do as well. So we set f3.5 and ISO 1600! I also heard if we're shooting at 24FPS we wanna export in 24FPS --> 24 is the standard and we might just go back to that instead of the 30 we're shooting at now.

Let's try this video...

And then we can compare this to the iPhone but when I see things on the iPhone I get a lot more grain than the camera in low-light conditions. Yes, the video is a little sharper in that the resolution is higher. But I like what the camera captures overall. We can likely reduce the grain even more in FCP - the grain reduction on the camera didn't seem to work too well.

I have one more trick up my sleeve and that's to try something else - that's to try the SAME settings as above on the t7i I have and NOT the 70D. Let's see.

So I still see the same amount of graininess so we're going to see if we can fix this in post-processing.

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