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chip updates: vision! [updates]

So while we're looking into doing more with the robotic platform, we need to also look into the vision system we have on-board which is the T265 RealSense tracking-camera: https://github.com/IntelRealSense/realsense-ros

I found the GitHub and the RealSense publishes the following topics:

  • /camera/color/camera_info

  • /camera/color/image_raw

  • /camera/depth/camera_info

  • /camera/depth/image_rect_raw

  • /camera/extrinsics/depth_to_color

  • /camera/extrinsics/depth_to_infra1

  • /camera/extrinsics/depth_to_infra2

  • /camera/infra1/camera_info

  • /camera/infra1/image_rect_raw

  • /camera/infra2/camera_info

  • /camera/infra2/image_rect_raw

  • /camera/gyro/imu_info

  • /camera/gyro/sample

  • /camera/accel/imu_info

  • /camera/accel/sample

  • /diagnostics

And the T265 specifically has some extras:

  • /camera/odom/sample

  • /camera/accel/sample

  • /camera/gyro/sample

  • /camera/fisheye1/image_raw

  • /camera/fisheye2/image_raw

We're going to have to go through all of these individually but there is a tutorial about how to get a re-constructed MAP out of the T265. We're going to use this for two things, (1) obstacle avoidance, and (2) object detection/to send images back to the ground-station of what the robot sees.

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