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chip updates: website and branding [updates]

Right now, while I'm waiting for the copper shielding to show up. While that's happening I'm thinking about branding. I want the chip-robot to be useful in that we are going to release all the instructions on how to make it online, free, and open-source. For the branding of this, I want to follow NASA's example where NASA's white-gold color scheme comes from the fact that their stuff is usually painted white to reflect visible light, and they use gold for their heat shields/EMI shields.

For CHIP, I also want this white/copper color scheme. The difference being we use copper for our EMI shields. What this leads to is a lot of interesting color choices we can go with.

For a while, I've been saying, if we were to make a robotics company, I'd call it "Bumblebee" named after the transformer that initially made me love robotics. That and the concept of transformers being robots that can perform multiple tasks and are helpful to humans/the planet. They have purpose. Here are the logos with the copper, gold, and bronze scheme.

I like the metallic-ness of the bronze on the left, I'm not liking the gold, and the copper in the middle seems to be a good compromise between the two, but I think it might be too dark to match our current scheme. But let's try it. We found this: https://encycolorpedia.com/b08d57

This is a place that tells us what colors go well with this one. Let's try something else now.

Now here are the shades of copper possible. The lightest one is pretty appealing to me, to be honest. Let's try that on a white and a black background

Okay these pictures are really blurry but I kind of like that scheme. It's a good scheme. The bumblebee white-copper. The colors used for the above logo are the NASA Black: #212121 and the bumblebee copper: #CAB697, the white is pure white #FFFFFF.

Let's get bigger/better pictures of the logo. The FONT we've been using (could change) is Poppins Semi-Bold.

I'm liking the Poppins semi-Bold font. But I'm not sure if we will keep it yet. I want to do everything the same font (ofc), so we'll see how the regular matching Poppins text fonts look because I'm not convinced they'll be great.

Now the actual logo itself, it has the bee vector art and a regular hexagon. The bee is tilted at 330 degrees (or 30degrees) to line the antenna up parallel with the side of the hexagon. The bee is centered in the hexagon and has the size ratio shown. We'll finalize this later.

Hexagon: W-265px H-301px

Bee: W-116px H-227px

Font Size: 130px

*period is the same color as the background of the hexagon always* The bee is always the same color as the background it is on, producing a see-through logo effect. The bee is a CUTOUT.

That's the new bumblebee logo! I think we will stick with this branding, I honestly, really like it. This is a good color, it has meaning, the bee has meaning, like there's a reason for everything and it's aesthetically pleasing - in my opinion. I want to get the opinions of some of my artist friends, but for now this stays.

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