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chip updates: what chip would look like as a product (minus product pictures) [updates]

So here's what we will do in the future, we're going to use the extra black fabric as a background for photography to take professional chip product pictures with my SLR camera, but for now we're using my phone. But I wanted to note an idea of how chip might look like as a product.

Here's what it would look like it would have to include a few things:

(1). the robot itself with batteries and software installed

(2). a controller (xbox controller) paired to the robot and working out-of-the-box

(3). a battery charger (dual battery charger) to charge the batteries of the robot of course

(4). an independent power supply to use the robot on tether power only

So there we go, there's a picture of the chip developer's kit. We have (1). a chip two robot with the IP52 rated protective covering and the batteries and software installed, (2). we have an xbox one controller paired to the robot and working with the software, (3). we have a venom duo two-battery 6s LiPo charger, and (4). we have an ISDT 160W power supply ~27V 6A for the robot to run off of in case of tether power.

We'll of course come up with much better product photos later but this is a cool kit we've put together. Now I want to charge the robot and later today get to standing and sitting! But there's another catch to all this.

Because we've come up with this scheme of chip as a product. I'm curious to see if we act like developers and use it in this "product form" as given with no accessories how it works out for us. Like only use the ISDT supply for tether power (not the desktop power supply we have), use the charger only by undoing the velcro on the front of the robot and etc, all the while doing development.

So we shall see how this goes!

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