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chip updates: what's chip for? [updates]

So chip, I think, is for many things but what I'm thinking right now is this. This platform is too janky to work as the original goal of chip which was to make legged robots cheap and make them accessible/open source/etc. A cheap, 4-legged development platform for doing work in the developing or developed world? Chip2 is not that, there's too much wrong with it. But, we can go to the other plan.

I want to make chipTwo dance because if I make it able to dance we can make videos of it dancing, and then we can take this videos and use them to raise money to fund efforts such as sending life-straws to villages, water filters to houses (just ideas I naively threw out there with no research behind them whatsoever). But, I think it's not a stretch to say this is possible.

With ORRCA in high-school the problem was I was trying to use robots to solve a problem too expensive to solve with robots. The fact is robots are expensive and between spending 5000 on a robot and 5000 on water filters, we're going to choose the water filters because that just makes more sense. So until we can get the cost of useful robots down (which we're working on and will keep doing so), we can use robots to raise money for causes. Because money is also a very hard thing to come by when trying to aid in development.

Enter chip, we make him dance to raise funds for things like this - and maybe no one will watch it but I think with all the nonsense going around on the internet, people just might go for a dancing robot to raise money. Now here's the thing.

I want to be able to put chip in dance mode, and feed an audio file to him through a microphone or something. Have it listen to the audio through microphones in dance mode, perform some sort of transform on the sound to determine what note is being played, and then do a dance move to that note? Primitive, but it does mean that we'd have some fun watching it dance to random sounds.

Now we're only going to work on this after chip can walk and is stable because otherwise we really can't work on it. But I'm positing some resources here so I don't forget them:

Python Synthesizer:


Python in Music:


What we can do, is download a music file to the robot and pass that file as a parameter to a node which uses the above python libraries to read through and analyze the music and dance to it. When we start playing the music on the computer, we can place the robot into dance mode so they start at the same time, or we can have python play the music out loud from the robot itself.

I can also ask my friend Hannah who did something like this with a raspberry pi. After our finals though!

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