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chip updates: writing a test node and fixing the meche stuff [updates]

The first thing to note is that we still have a mechE issue. Remember the issue where the standoffs on the bottom connecting the knee motor to the leg sheared off a few weeks ago? Well now it happened to the front legs, it was proving difficult to switch them out and not doing it a few weeks ago cost us. So that's what we're doing to the front legs right now. The good news is now we must open two other gearboxes so that means we can lubricate them more.

Here's the result from doing this to the front-right leg. We're going to do this for the front-left leg as well. This is fixing the error with the front leg mechanical design we should have fixed before. But also we're going to write a test node which will help us determine how to make this robot walk.

__test.py__ is a node that takes in data from the joystick and then allows us to manually control things without actually reprogramming everything and it will produce a readout/print of what the system is actually doing. Like a log file. The inputs and outputs will be as follows.

INPUTS: the joysticks, and the POV

OUTPUTS: movements to the legs

So the right joystick will be responsible for moving the X and Z positions of the legs. The POV will be responsible for selecting a leg. And the left joystick will be responsible for moving the leg (stepping it manually). It's a full manual control solution to figuring out how to make the platform walk. So that's what we are probably going to do once we fix the legs.

That's what we have so far. There is one small issue. We need to repair a very certain gearbox again. The classic chip issue:

So once we fix this!!!! We can get back to development on the walking side now that we've fixed other problems!

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