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chip updates: yes, we fixed the legs again, and this time it wasn't so bad! [updates]

It was actually very simple to get the robot fixed this time. What we decided to do this time isn't to take everything apart. We did the following things to fix the gearbox.

First, of course, we opened up the fabric just the minimal amount to access the top of the leg. Then what we did is remove the whole leg form the body of the robot by removing the one shaft collar holding it on. Then it was very easy to just remove the motor and nothing else. Then what we did is remove a spacer, and put the whole thing back together (after adding a little machine oil).

Yea, so we didn't even bother opening or touching the gearbox. We simply removed a spacer and it solved the problem.

Like I said before, all the gearboxes will get fixed as we go through the whole robot and remove all the spacers oil all the boxes and etc you know.

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