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chip3 actuator: simulating the new test gearbox [updates]

So we're going to simulate with 89.11 Nm and see if the gearbox holds... that's the max torque the system can output.

So what we want to do is define the materials as plastic, generate some contact sets and you know, run the simulation.

So we're only generating no-penetration/sliding contacts in between locations where the gears are.

Same here.

Same here.

Same here.

Again 10mm mesh size. Let's try that for small parts that seems to work in fusion. Of course this is a poorly done CAD, there's no tolerances and frankly it could be a lot better, we'll invest time in that when Solidworks shows up.

We might look at the simplify tab just to see if that will help us generate a better mesh. Changing the mesh size to 10mm makes fusion crash? Okay simplify doesn't do much for this simple CAD tbh. I think that extra ring area on the assembly is being problematic, so what we're going to do is get rid of it. Oops. This simulation is trying to test two things, (1) can ABS plastic gear teeth even handle this kind of torque and can (2) the ABS carrier handle this kind of torque?

So this is final assembly of the new gear thing that should get rid of the meshing issues. Let's see if this works in meshing. Remember we're going to create a whole new model of this in Solidworks later. Now we're just waiting for out mesh to run so we can solve the simulation.

This is another thing I want to bring up while it's meshing (yes, it's still meshing), and that's this planetary gearbox design: https://www.gamweb.com/robotic-planetary-gearbox.html

When we actually design this thing, we're going to need to do some research on how to make this gearbox have zero backlash because backlash is what's going to kill our design the most.

oH YAY IT MESHED. I can't believe it actually meshed wow.

Sad I think we need to re-do the contacts, it generated automatic ones where everything was bonded. :( We'll do this later.

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