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chip3 actuator updates: a little fusion 360 experiment [updates]

So yesterday, I proposed the idea that we could possible use the shaft of the new Falcon 500 Motor itself as the star gear for the planetary for the chip3 actuation system. Let's find out if that's even possible. Onto Fusion 360!

Let's start here with the shaft itself, we're going to download the cad and try to see if we can make a gear that will match this one. So we need to make a gear with MODULE = 0.5, PRESSURE ANGLE = 30, and then we're trying a gear ratio of 19:1 right so for a planetary that's...


so that's (RING+14)/14=19

RING = 252 teeth on this outer ring gear

We're expecting a pitch diameter of roughly 5" so let's see how accurate that is.

So actually... the radius of this planetary gearbox is ~not responding. Maybe the gear is a little too big to generate. But that'd be a real problem if I can't actually generate the gear you know. Let's try again!!! Yay!!!!

Yea... so it refuses to generate that gear... so I don't want to deal with this right now but tomorrow morning we're going to find a way to generate the gear CAD we want.

But here's the good news, I think it's possible to use that output shaft as the star gear... hmmm.

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