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color pallets: NASA white-gold [funsies]

Gold is a very "blingy" but there are very few places where gold is completely valid. NASA is one of those places. NASA's white-gold color scheme, is just so cool. Probably because they don't use an overwhelming amount of gold, the accents are gold/copper.

A lot of their robots use this color scheme, and I think it comes from the fact that that white is the color that reflects light meaning it will reflect the most radiation. And the gold comes from the gold foil they put on satellites (also for radiation and EMF shielding and heat shielding). So it's a color combination with both style and purpose!

I looked on the NASA Branding website: https://nasa.github.io/nasawds-site/components/colors/

And it turns out they have their color scheme there. The NASA "gold" for online is FF9D1E, I also recently got some copper shielding for chip and that color is D69173. Now we're looking to create a website for chip, I wonder what would happen if we blend the NASA Gold and Chip Copper to make an official color.

Here's CHIP COPPER (ish):

So now, we can look at the blend of the NASA gold and the CHIP Copper and see which color we want to use. Looking at the colors, the copper seems too light on its own, not very representative, and the gold is too yellow. So maybe we want a gold-ish color, something like FB9C26, or F0993D. Let's try these on the website background. I also want to look at them on a better screen.

*switches to MacBook*

Now that I look at it, this other NASA color, the color-gold-light, is really nice as well. But the copper alone, the D69173, is also pretty okay. We'll portably go with the copper because that's really more a CHIP color, or when the shielding cloth we got shows up we'll match the color then but CHIP's color scheme will be something like the white/copper white/gold to pay some tribute to NASA.

I have the most respect for people who work at NASA.

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