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Word on what we're really trying to do here. Built-by-nerds serves as a space where you can learn things, and the writers themselves can store data/information we find interesting and we want to be able to refer back to them.

That being said, some of the content in this blog is NOT original content even if A LOT of it is.

Many of the robotics explanations content come from the 2.12 robotics class at MIT, many YouTube videos, and other online sources. We take no credit for those explanations even if they are re-written in our own words. The explanations are also not complete and are in no-way a reflection of the textbook or other content creators.

Many of the images on this blog are taken from google images and are not cited. For the images, if taken from online courses, sources, etc, full credit is given to the owners even if a citation or a link is not present. This blog is a thrown together collection of things that serves as mostly a storage space for our thoughts and things we want to save. We're not trying to copy or plagiarize anyone's work. We want to save things we though helped us understand certain pieces of content so we can refer to them in the future, that is all. We're also not trying to distribute any images you cannot find on google yourself. If the image is on our blog, it's already on google. No sensitive content has been posted.

If you are a content creator whose work we have used and you would like credit, or for us to take down the content, please reach out we will be happy to oblige. For readers, for non-original content, you are NOT ALLOWED to re-distribute that content it is strictly prohibited, you may not claim it as your own.

For projects that are placed on this blog and any original content we create, we've licensed it under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 License. Any GitHub content we created is licensed under the MIT License.

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