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customizing CURA for the Filament Labs PHOBOS 3D printer [updates]

So we found this ultimate guide to customizing CURA and here it is: https://toglefritz.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-customizing-cura/ and now we're going to follow it to build our own version of CURA! So the first thing we did was navigate into the install directory of Cura and we're going to go ahead and replace a few of the images. But first we initiated a GitHub repository.

According to our measurements the splash-screen right now is 320px x 320px so we're going to make our splash-screen something like 320x640. Just for kicks. Then we can add a bunch of nice information to it. I don't know how the loading bar will integrate so we'll have to see. As and when we open the software.

So we created a new splash-screen for CURA and this is what it looks like the real question is what happens to the progress bar when this thing opens and load right? And in this case it covers the filament labs logo so we're going to change this up a little.

But at least now we know how to make this thing work such that what we do actually changes the software. And we also fixed the CURA icon to be just the filament labs logo box so let's see.

Let's see if we can get any inspiration for the footer we are using... maybe we want to add the precious plastics logo as well!

So there's one last thing we need to fix here and that's that 4.6.1 thing that's appearing in the top corner above the filament labs logo. Let's see if we can't fix that. Okay we accidentally deleted some important files - we're going to re-install CURA and try again. So we've downloaded the Cura slicer we need to set it up to do what we did last time. Now we've re-setup everything we did here: https://www.adim.io/post/filament-labs-updates-making-the-printer-a-little-smarter-with-octoprint-updates

Now we need to go back and do a few things right, let's first fix that splash screen and the app icons.

Now those two have been fixed (for now, I think we're going to do more editing on the splash-screen later especially because I don't really like it. We do need to change a few ICONS in the meantime. We want to make the app icon a little less boring as well. Now we found the new theme here: https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/b81a3w/wasnt_a_fan_of_the_new_cura_theme_layout_so_i/ let's see if that works.

Ooh that's quite nice I think we should keep that, the only difference is now we need to change the image to the Filament Labs Logo. And we need to make that the right size. And I think we have...

See now all we need to do is change the color to the right color - the filament labs color. Which I think is not going to be this green but is going to be the blue/purple. #959EE5 now we're just going through and changing that .json file to look like what we want it to look like.

Okay so we are getting somewhere we can confirm that much. We need to fix the text on the buttons, the hover, the color of the origin, and etc...

There we go! It's not looking that bad. We're going to probably really re-make this software at some point but for now this is really really good! We're going to commit these changes at some point we'll actually start working on our theme design again. What I want to do right now though is re-start the computer and see if the icon changes.

Thereeeee we go now we see the filament labs icon sitting there happily. All we have to do now is start editing out theme so that we can actually like it at the moment it's a little strange we can change it later though. Let's git commit everything and be done for now!

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