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dji phantom 2 vision+ teardown: just for fun [updates]

SO, I have an old DJI Phantom Vision 2+ which isn't much use to me since it never came with a camera. But it has a great drone controller and stuff on-board and I want to see if I can re-purpose it in a new craft or something with bigger batteries and a larger payload.

Really, I'm doing this because I have so many drone parts lying around I wanted to see if I could use the control parts in here to make a new and nicer drone. I don't know what I'd do with the drone just yet but either way. So the biggest problem is in here: the ESCs and controlling other ESCs with the phantom's electronics.

Let's take a part the board and other parts... but we should not a few things... all that board does is distribute things like power and signals nothing else. So really, all we need, is that orange box and the gps and we're ready to go.

The reason is we really can use our own remote control. What we don't want to do is assume and take apart absolutely everything though. Also we might want to keep a lot of the stuff because the phantom has GPS waypoint flying and etc: https://www.dji.com/naza-m-v2 this is what the phantom 2 has in it.

Some other info: https://3drpilots.com/threads/using-phantom-2-vision-esc-with-pixhawk.6212/


But we want to keep the board in-tact if we can...

That's it the moment it came out of the frame... and this is it with some cleaning up and the misc ESC wires and etc removed.

So the last thing we needed to take out was that GPS and the shielding for the GPS. And this is what that looks like:

Now here's the thing about this project as opposed to other possible summer projects. This project requires no software at all. And that's the goal of this to have a fun mechanical project that doesn't depend on my ability to get software working to make it happen. It's purely electrical and mechanical and that's the kind of project I want right now.

Now I don't know what we will do with this drone but what I'm trying to do this summer on the side of being environmentally and financially conscious is - yea I do have a lot of parts lying around because they were bought for projects that aren't needed or no longer work. And for me, what that means, is that if we don't use those parts that are lying around they'll go in the garbage or something and that's not useful. So what we'll do is use those parts instead of polluting the environment with them to make this. I don't know if these things will help the environment but it's better than buying things or creating more waste.

So let's figure out what we can use this drone for. What we can do with this drone is mapping because mapping drones allow us to do a whole host of things.

We have some 6s batteries lying around. We have some 24v-12v converter that can power the control system, and then we need four 6s ESCs which I think we have, and then some motors and propellers both of which we have. I think one of the props is in not a great shape but we'll only bother to get anything if this doesn't work. We should look for those ESCs though.

We'll try to design a good drone frame after this at some point that can both, hold the things we have in a good way (inside the body, the electronics). And one that can hold the motors and stuff nicely while not weighting too much. It'll be designed to be 3D printed.

The reason I like designing things to 3D print them - 3D printing uses the least amount of materials it wastes the least and in the future, with resources, any 3D printed device could be made from recycled materials.

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