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dome greenhouse updates: initial plans for the greenhouse [updates]

So I did some drawing during breakfast this morning, I want this greenhouse to have a kind of NASA feel to it just bc I want to make something nice and special for my mom. Here's the initial plans:

So the base will be a nice 8'x8' octagon, it will expand to a 10'x10' hexagon in the middle, go back to an 8'x8', then rise another 1.5' to a 4'x4' square-ish top. So the whole greenhouse will stand 7.5ft tall and take up 10'x10' of surrounding space.

Going for that "Martian" and "NASA" kinda look/feel. Gotta get this all approved by the father and then we can actually just, get to work, after a few more drawings/etc. I'm going to use the yellow waterproof box I have to house any electronics we want in the greenhouse (monitoring equipment). I'm going to track the cost very carefully in a spreadsheet.

I think this will be a lot of fun. This, chip, and my urop? Three pretty good projects for the summer!

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