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drone updates: 3D printing the landing gear (out of CF) [updates]

Yes so of course we want to 3D print the landing gear we designed and we're going to do it out of the carbon fiber filament. It says it'll use about 413g of filament. And we'll print it with supports and cut them out carefully. Here's the G-CODE.

So here's how the print will look. Remember we have to really carefully take apart the supports so nothing happens to the structure itself. Some of the supports we may just leave on. Now we're going to do the following things:

  • (1) Save this to the 3D printer's drive

  • (2) Replace the filament on the printer

  • (3) When amazon comes, replace the nozzle of the printer

  • (4) Hit print and watch it do well

  • (5) Install it on the helicopter

  • (6) Try to give the helicopter a BODY

  • (7) Test fly!!!! (well learn to fly first)

  • (8) Then work on applications

So starting in-order. Saved the G-CODE to the removable drive of the 3D printer and now we're replacing the wood filament in it with the CF filament. It says this print will take about 2 days. WE can't fully replace the filament right now because we need to replace the nozzle first since that's clogged. So we'll do the rest of this list when the nozzle actually shows up.

So the new nozzles finally showed up this is what they look like. And we're getting ready to print so roughly 2-days from now we should see the landing gear done printing and we'll be ready to test the helicopter/build the fuselage out of the scraps we have lying around. We're going to wait to put on a few pictures of the print in progress.

So far going down beautifully. The layers a nicer and the print seems smoother with the new nozzle. Remember these are hardened so they shouldn't clog as easily. I also have a feeling the smaller diameter here will help things not get stuck because it'll be easier to melt all the way though the plastic when it re-heats up. Slightly counter-intuitive but we will see.

Now after a few minutes we can just start to see the outline of the air-frame. The print seems to be going down smoothly but we want to wait a little while at least until the first layer goes down so to make sure we aren't wasting filament/etc. Don't walk away just yet. There's only a very small area of concern but since thats a support I don't think it matters. Now we wait! And two days from now we'll hopefully see the result.

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