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drone updates: building a body to protect the electrics from wind and dust [updates]

Ya so, last night we put on the landing gear, we mounted the E-Stop button and things And the helicopter finally ended up looking like this:

Now as you can see from the closeup in the next shot below, there are a lot of wires hanging around there are sensitive electrical components and we don't want the wind from the blades or bugs in flight or other things to hit the electronics and cause some malfunction or even, tbh to get them dirty.

The antenna are especially a cause for concern because we don't want those breaking we'll lose control of the copter entirely - or hopefully ardupilot will go into failsafe mode and land the thing. So now it's time to put a very simple cover over it, nothing fancy at all.

We're going to go with a much simpler version of what was on ORRCA as a cover. Of course this time it isn't waterproof and it isn't going to be made of like 100 different panels. Hopefully at max like 5 panels so here we go.

Now after all this there may be like one parameter from helicopter setup we need to adjust and that's the hover pitch.

First thing we did was fix up the tail a little and wrap the tail's boom in the plastic from the scraps we had and wrote the registration number of the drone on the side. The tail piece was secured with both zip-ties and velcro.

Then came some side and under-nose paneling that holds in the electronics and wiring but they sit under the gears so nothing interferes.

Then we added a small nosecone that could allow us to direct the airflow downwards and over the battery cooling the battery and the other electronics in the airframe.

Here's the finished product - no decorations on it yet but we are ready for a the first test flights. We're going to need to charge the batteries before we get anywhere and there's one last test we need to do. What's the weight of the craft and do we need to change the hover-pitch?

So we designed, I think, for 5kgs, which is 50N, so this means we probably don't have to change the hover pitch. We're at 4.5kgs which is right under our threshold and actually, it might make our hover pitch calculation more accurate now.

So there we go - almost ready to fly :)

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