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drone updates: fixing the tail guard [updates]

Yes so, in December when we were fiddling around with this platform, after the first flight the plastic tail guard that was included in the old helicopter broke off. And we've been looking for a replacement ever since that happened and in the basement today - I found one.

We had an old 500 kit once so we have a carbon tail guard for that but its a little small. So what we did is we drilled some new holes and we mounted it on the wrong way.

Continuing the tradition of the first version of all of our project we will not append the suffix DLTH to whatever the version number of this helicopter is. So I think it's v1.5.1-DLTH (don't look too hard).

Now before we close up this video I want to check one more thing and that's the belt-tensioning. Because that might have gotten a little mis-aligned when we replaced the fin. So let's try it. We're going to follow this same process but with a screw. This thing could be the tiniest bit loose and we're going to adjust it from the front.

So we re-adjusted the belt tensioning. We added a DAB of loc-tite to keep the collar in place. And now we're likely done on the mechanical side with the exception of landing gear. The belt does FEEL better now. The squeak it still there but I don't know if we'll be able to fix that without taking absolutely everything apart. And now, let's wait until we can print landing gear or make something makeshift in the meantime that we're waiting, and then we'll get to flying!

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