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drone updates: landing gear finishing and fitting [updates]

Yes so today the landing gear of our drone finally finished printing. It only took like three days but here it is nice and fresh off the printer (the plan for tonight is to finish fitting it a little bit.

So here's the thing, as you can see comparing the print to the design the back is missing a few things and the supports aren't looking exactly like they'll be the easiest to take out. So in the interest of not wasting filament we made two decisions. First, let's take the rear part of the landing gear off and just make a stick as the third gear point. And then second, let's keep the supports on.

Now after a whole bunch of sanding... here we are, the finished front-two landing gear.

Now it was time to fit this thing to the helicopter which proved not to be an easy task. In fact the holes didn't exactly lineup as I think the print needed to be scaled down to fit on the bed of the printer so the solution was to hold it in the x-y plane with some screws in the body of the aircraft but to ultimately zip-tie it on.

Now came the all-important question of what about the rest landing gear? Well we're going to do that in a very similar way to what we did last time for the rear-gear which is to tape a nice stick onto it.

The stick is a little bit tall so the helicopter does lean forwards a little which I think is OK because this does mean it should be able to handle tall grass and stuff quite well. We're going to reinforce this stick landing gear with parts of the body when that goes on but for now this is it. I do want to take a second to sketch out the body designs in a little bit but not right now.

That's one more view of the front landing gear without the back installed and now to the full finished landing gear system:

We even attached the button to the front gear with VHB tape in a place that's easily accessible for E-Stop purposes. I will say that the front-wards lean as you're seeing it is significant but the autopilot should correct for that on takeoff. And this is GOOD because the tail blade won't get caught in the grass which is what it has been doing. Now tomorrow we'll look into the body designs. The body will be made of fiber-reinforced plastic. Yess, we're bringing back the ORRCA body material. :)

And then we'll be ready for some test flights! (In the field of course)

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