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dyno updates: setup in the lab and plan moving forward [updates]

Hello, ok so we're back on campus now right. So the plan is we need to be able to still use the dyno for certain things so instead of taking up all the space in the solar car shop we want to be able to run this thing in lab while we're working and then move it off to the side when we don't want it in the way. So we set this thing up on a car and wheeled it down to the lab space.

This is my little corner of the lab now, at the end of the day we want to unplug the dyno and roll it back to the side so others can also use the benches around this area. We're going to follow this order to get everything going:

  • Use the dyno to try to make smart motion or PID current control to work

  • If PID current control works we can do a standard impedance controller that we will turn on each leg individually

  • If the smart motion is the one that works we'll play change Kp to change the spring constant and just do something like that

The alternate idea is to get the response we want to just do straight position control but vary the Kp value for now. Straight position control might be OK for this platform when there is very little backlash.

I think majority of the info we wanted to get out of the dyno has been got besides testing smart-motion. So maybe we want to try to tune a PID current controller and tune smart motion and then after that we just move onto hoppy leg.

So while we're doing all this, we want to build Hoppy leg starting with the main frame and going onto attaching the leg and then trying to use said leg with an impedance controller and see how that whole thing works w/ a 10:1 reduction. Just make that leg hop and absorb impacts. When that's all done we can build the new leg design (or we build that while this whole thing is going).

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