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filament labs ONE: first test and tweaking the platform [updates]

So we were supposed to do this a while ago so I think we'll do it now because we have a not very busy day. We're going to try turning on the filament printer and see if we can extrude some home-made filament. The way we're going to do this is easy. Set the desired temp to 220C, set the RPM to very low like 1520-1550, and then we're just going to heat until it hits 220 then leave it at 220 and start spinning the thing.

SO, I don't have a video, I don't have pictures, BUT I can say, it didn't work at all. The motor started to jam the heating control was really bad and I think we estimated the incorrect direction of the thermistors change in resistance which is weird.

So we might try again with this but I've also found some new research that says the real problem with recycling isn't that we can't easily turn the plastic into pellets but more of...

  • people don't sort plastic correctly

  • people don't wash plastic correctly

  • it's expensive to process plastic in the US (people get much higher salaries and etc).

So we need to come up with a way to get people to sort their plastic recycling and clean their plastic recycling and maybe then we can push for some way to turn recycling into good things at home... I don't know.

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