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filament labs pollux updates: getting the wiring mostly done and ready for programming [updates]

Okay so today we went about adding a bunch of things to the filament labs pollux machine while we've been running some prints on the castor printer and here's what we did. Before the system really only had the motor controller, thermistor, the motor, and the heating element hooked up. But yesterday the power supply came and the wifi antennas for the jetson (which we broke) came too!

First we installed and wired up the power supply, two power wires to the L298N controller (for both the auger motor and the heating element). Then we added a 3A usb power slot which we may/may not use.

On the motor controller side, we also added a ground wire to go to the jetson TX1 for common ground and control through the GIPO pin.

Then it came time to hook up and power the jetson and we tried to do that though the 5v3A supply we had but the jetson wouldn't turn on when hooked up to the display, it wouldn't turn on in general so we decided to ditch that and just use the power supply we know works for now. This is an issue that will be fixed later (especially since we will be using a raspberry pi in the final version which requires less power and is cheaper).

We added in the power supply and cleaned up the wiring a little bit and this was the result, a jetson powered, the touchscreen powered and working, and now there's only a few things left to do on this guy.

So what is left for the extrusion system? Well let's list it:

  • First, we need to wire in the Jetson's new WiFi antennas because otherwise we won't be able to actually download anything we need to program it, and we won't be able to connect the wireless mouse and keyboard we've been using to program it, and we won't be able to SCP over the GUI we already built for it. We'd have to re-code all of which won't be fun so let's install the WiFi.

  • Second, we need to wire up the thermistor and the motor controller to the Jetson.

  • Third, we need to write the logic to control the temperature and extrusion.

  • Fourth, we need to test the system with the plastic pellets we bought to test it before we move onto plastic bottles and things.

  • Finally, we need to finish up the inside, add a hopper, and make a hand-plastic grinder. Then we need to also add a passive filament winder which we said we'd do and possibly we need a cooling system for filament as it exist the chamber.

Here's a link to the test pellets we got: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0199ZTJ7Q/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 because if it can't extrude this it won't be able to extrude anything at all... this is really soft plastic built to be able to be extruded in like hot water so let's try this first before anything else.

We're going to go ahead and install that WiFi antenna now before we can't do anything at all with this Jetson.

So now we've added in the new WiFi card and a little later we can test both the Bluetooth and the SSH capabilities of the machine.

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