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filament updates: a test print with a purpose [updates]

So today I'm trying a test print out of the included PLA filament of the pinter. The print is a coupler between the hex shaft of the auger that we got and the 6mm motor D-Shaft that we need to attach it to. The part looks like this:

This is it in Cura - it has a 7/16" hex hold one one end and a 6mm D-Sfat at the other. At the moment we're trying to print the whole thing from PLA at 50% gyroid infill. The very beginnings of the print look good - we'll analyze more when it's done but PLA plate adhesion for this printer is really fantastic.

The above pictures are picture of the part printing as well as the finished part - and it came out pretty okay! It's a nice functional little piece and to secure it for the prototype we'll use tape. In the future we might add things like set screws print it out of ABS and not PLA but for now all is going well!

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