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filament updates: getting some initial software working [updates]

So today I want to do some testing on the Filament ONE and that includes the thermocouples heating the system and then running the motor. So we're going to use a target temperature of 220 degC right now - and we're going to write 1550 ms to the motor just to see it work. But we're really looking at temperature control and the motor only moving if we're at the right temperature.

There's also this really annoying other thing I want to point out which involves the fact that this really seems to be ON like powered when we pull the pin LOW which is really annoying because the default of the pin is LOW. So if the relay powered at all - there's a chance the coil could just turn on and start heating things which is, terrible. So I'm going to try fixing that later with a simple circuit but not right now.

Yes so here is the main logic, there's a few things to point out including tickEncoder() holds all the logic that reads the encoder, readThermistor() is the same for reading the thermistor, and the rest of the code is the actual control logic for now - and we're going to change this later with Serial IO.

We're going to start running some tests on this at some point - for now it's just good to have the code written. I want to spend the weekends on CHIP and doing some other fun things because this can be a weekday evenings project.

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