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filament updates: here's a fun first logo idea (or a few) [updates]

So I just thought I'd start the day by drawing some logo ideas for filament-labs which would be the "project name" for what we're trying to do with 3D printer filament and etc you know. The project for the summer is to create a small extruder that can extrude filament and point with it. And then after that we need to create a system that lets us collect the neighbor's trash and do stuff with it.

But first thing's first, here are some logo ideas!

Personally, I'm a fan of the first one or the second one. The first one has a little more character than the second and the second is very simple. Honestly not going to sit here and decide on a logo just yet, I really just wanted to draw some things you know. But if I had to pick right now, it's between one and two.

Anyways, that's some fun!

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