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filament updates: running a screen test [updates]

So I thought we'd also run a quick screen test. But here's the tutorial we used to test the display and we're using the GFX code: https://learn.adafruit.com/2-2-tft-display/arduino-wiring

We tested the screen with "mock_ili9341" which comes under the arduino GFX package. And this was the result:

So what this does mean is that the display works - especially if we use the arduino GFX library. And we also now know that the display orientation of (0) means vertical. Which is the orientation in which we mounted it and the orientation we want to use as well. So what we need to do is take this file and make some modifications because we want to try displaying our own stuff as well.

We started by creating a function that allows us to display things like system information onto the screen and this is what we started with - some basic machine specs in one place so we don't need to go looking for it all over.

We now added some more information - so I think this screen is actually complete. We added all the data that came from the FeiFil Evo about extrusion RPMs and temperatures - of course we will cross-reference this with the database from RepRap Recyclebot. The next thing we did was add things like the software version and support email, and finally we added the licensing. I'm happy to say this project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Why? Because we should make this open source. Now we might change this to share-alike but I don't think we'll need to right now. We're just going with the most basic open-source there is.

Now the screen is doing this thing where it flashes - I will get rid of that later. But for now, we know how to use the screen and it works - that's pretty good for me. Here's the library we used to make this happen: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-gfx-graphics-library/graphics-primitives

So part of me is realizing I don't actually know what display we have, which means I don't really know if this is a touchscreen or not which means we might need to breakout a set of buttons and a potentiometer. We can even 3D printer a cover for the screen that allows us to mount a potentiometer and switch but we will get to that at some point. There's only two parameters to adjust on this machine, the RPM, and the temperature, and tbh, we can just adjust the materials and it'll take care of the rest. So why don't we do that. One nice potentiometer that will allow us to adjust what the material is. Or something. We'll figure this out and try not to buy anything. In the meantime - I think this is nice progress for a day.

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