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filament updates: running the relay and testing the coil [updates]

So today we also ran a quick test on the relay and we're going to run a quick test on the coil soon as well. So at the moment, we're just turning the relay on for like 5 seconds and then turning it off again. What I am going to do is change it to 2000ms and actually plug in the wire to power this time, we can feel how hot it gets and see if anything happens. First the really test.

Now let's test with the power plugged in for the first time - eek. Okay so plugging it in went OK nothing shorted so lets see what happens when we turn the coil on. ONLY 2s this time I'm too scared for anything longer.

A little bit of smoke popped out from this thing. Which means I really think we should probably increase the coil resistance. There's no way we should be putting that kind of current through this.

So none of the fiberglass or anything is burned. But we are going to try this again and observe which part starts smoking. Since we have extra Kapton Tape, wire, and barrels and stuff itself we might just re-make the chamber all-together.

Yes so I think 6amps is way too much - we're going to try again calculating the amount of resistance this time. Let's un-plug everything from the power first. But we're going to do that later in the evening.

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