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filament updates: testing the new nichrome windings [updates]

So we remade the coil as we said we would in the last post. We have to re-do the thermocouples as well as the insulation but here's the finished result:

We heated the coil for 50s w/ 110 volts and it seemed to do OK. The metal is still hot from that heating but the wire has cooled down. This means it's time for us to add the thermocouples and the insulation.

So now we're running another test. The nozzle tip actually gets really hot in the 50 seconds we heat this coil for. I think we have a winner! Now we just need to get the resistors to check the thermistors and etc and then we're ready to go! The relay works perfectly and the metal actually gets really hot. We're unplugging the whole thing for now because it's hot and we might re-do the insulation later but it passed that test with flying colors. Now the only things left are to get the resistor, make the hopper, and start extruding! I do want to make a plastic cover to go over this nonsensical fiberglass insulation - the insulation keeps all the heat out from the rest of the structure - but still I don't want this nonsense to be seen in the product.

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