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FOR ME: My plan for the summer [updates]

So there's been a lot of projects floating around on this blog from the pump to chip, to designing a new chip, to designing a frame to land chip on mars, to hand-calcs, to UROP stuff like a motor controller. And I want to structure my summer a bit. Pick projects, that I can reasonably complete/handle, and create defined goals to complete them. I'm going to put my organized thoughts on this HERE and we'll start from May 15th on all of them properly. We're not going to do TOO MUCH, we're going to work on learning through application and etc.

I'm going to structure my summer like this, going to do three main things:

(1) My UROP

(2) Work on ChipTwo

(3) Learn Solidworks and Design


So the first thing, probably the most serious of the three, is my work for my UROP this summer with the SPL!

So this summer I think I'm going to work with the Space Propulsion Lab at MIT simulating plumes of thrusters for NASA! So hopefully that works out!

Work on ChipTwo

Second I'll be focusing on "finishing up" ChipTwo. Well not so much finishing as continuing. There's a few small hardware upgrades I want to make but mostly the focus will be on the controls side creating a model we can use to design a good control system and make that puppy work really well. Just continuing where we left off.

This goes with my goal of wanting to do a technical project of my own/do some control design.

Learning Solidworks/Mechanical Design

Finally, I'm going to be working on my CAD and mechanical design skills, something I want to get better at. So I'm going to be doing this in the context of something I already understand because that's the way I learn best. So I'm going to take all the things I don't like about the design of chip right now, and re-design it from the ground up with math and simulations and putting it all into SOLIDWORKS (not fusion). We're going to focus on the actuators first, and then move to the whole platform if there's time.

MIT Solar Car Planning

Yes so this is of course there, I'm going to be working on solar car stuff, timeline, and etc. I need to make a PLAN FOR THIS RIGHT AFTER FINALS ARE OVER!!!!!!!



(2) ChipTwo

(3) Mechanical Design Stuff

So yes that's my plan for the summer written out. I want to spend my summer learning about the things I don't know. Here we go!

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